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The band

Blowing Doozy, known for their powerful busking origins and ability to captivate audiences with their energy, is an instrumental band from Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria. As the smallest but loudest pop brass band in Europe, the band is characterized by its unique formation and approach to music. With four professional musicians - two saxophonists, a drummer and a trumpet player - Blowing Doozy not only offers self-arranged songs and medleys of well-known hits, but also impressive choreographies that make their performances a visual and acoustic experience. Their goal is to excite the audience so much that no one can stand still. The band has not only made an impression on international festival stages, but also has a strong presence on social media and is already associated with well-known names such as Alvaro Soler, Parov Stelar and others. Their success and popularity are a testament to their talent and ability to convince with their music and performance. Through the combination of professional musicianship, innovative arrangements and rousing choreography, Blowing Doozy succeeds in transforming the heritage of traditional brass music into a contemporary context and appealing to a new generation of listeners.

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Raphael Niederer

Saxophone, ,,Let's do it''

On stage, he is the tenor saxophonist with the porno sax sound. And yet he completed his jazz and popular music studies in Klagenfurt in 2017. When the band was founded in 2018, the organizational tasks of Blowing Doozy fell into his lap as if by magic. So he became the group's manager. Together with his twin brother Daniel, he built up the MIPPA - Music Institute in Klagenfurt, among other things.

Interesting facts:

Pumps up his upper body with push-ups before the show.

Ask your colleagues whether the radio transmitter batteries are full.

Favorite drink after the show: Apple spritzer, GinTonic


Daniel Niederer

Drummer, No Pain- No Gain

He really rocks it. Dani sits behind the drums with us. If you've ever seen him live, you know why he sometimes wears a leopard-print shirt. When he starts his solo, he becomes a beast. He also always wears the coolest outfits and has been very successful in directing the MIPPA - Music Institute in Klagenfurt since graduating. He also likes to sit behind the wheel of the band bus when he has nothing to do.

Interesting facts:

Motivates the band to exercise before the gig.

Has the most stuff of all.

Favorite drink after the show: water, tea


Stephan ,,Los Lerchos'' Lerchbaumer

Baritone Sax, Off-Beat King

Baritone sax and octaver. If you hear that sound, it's probably Los Lerchos. The audience can count on him to give 110% on stage. Most of the time, his mouthpiece is covered in blood after the show, as he blasts the off-beat for 90 minutes like there's no tomorrow.

He is currently studying successfully at iPop in Vienna and is enjoying his time in the metropolis.

Interesting facts:

Lastly, checks his hairstyle before going on stage.

Broke his metatarsal bone during a performance at Woodstock Brass Band and played through the end of the concert.

Favorite drink after the show: GinTonic


Markus ,,MK'' Krofitsch

Trumpet, calming influence

"MK" - the man on the trumpet. In Blowing Doozy he is surrounded by two woodwind players. But he now feels very comfortable in his role as a one-man brass section. Off stage he is considered the calming influence of the team.

Markus is also completing his master's degree at the University of Art in Graz.

Interesting facts:

Gets along with everyone right away.

Usually comes last.

Favorite drink after the show: GinTonic

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